Jeffrey Baldwin

Jeffrey Baldwin has a 36-year career in sales and marketing. The former pro surfer and illustrious on-air commentator, Jeff started his career as the National Sales Director for Riedel Fine Wines. He later retuned to the action sports industry during its golden era—this time as senior account director at Transworld Media where he served for more than a decade. During his tenure, he was instrumental in shaping and amplifying the lifestyle narratives around the biggest brands in the space. At a moment of unprecedented creativity in men’s fashion, Baldwin brings his trademark punk-rasta style to the AeZeus Baldwin collection, diversifying male adornment with bejeweled ascots, boros and sarongs that are equally at home on beach sojourns as black-tie affairs. “Aezeus Baldwin explores the delicate lines between discarded and cherished, between masculine and feminine to this unencumbered place where adventure begins. A veritable Renaissance.”