K. Brunini Jewels

249 South Highway 101, #466, Solana Beach, CA 92075

K. Brunini Jewels can be found in stores and boutiques around the globe. For location nearest you, contact Inquiries@kbrunini.com .


Katey Brunini, Artist
For more than 30 years, designer Katey Brunini has been creating fine jewelry that embodies the power and grace of nature. Her collections explore the striking contrast of precious metals set with diamonds, pearls and rare gems alongside unexpected elements of wood, bone and coral. … read full biography

Matt Brunini, Branding and Online

Geoffrey Ragatz, Photographer

Julia Gomelsky, Graphics

Shaye Strager, PR and Stylist

Jeffrey Baldwin, Sales and Brand Ambassador

Photo Credits: Visko Hatfield, J. Stephen Hicks, Peter Hurst, Chris Trayer, Peden & Munk, Alessandra Solari, Geoffrey Ragatz, Gretchen Bayer, Wade Clar, Julia Gomelsky, Robert Anderson, Kim Reierson, Lara Lingenbrink, Robert Weldon, John Parish, John Francis Peters, Helen Trotman, Jeff Harris, Gregor Helenda, Emma Zilber, Simon Grensted