Essence: Sometimes life is brutal. Others, it's beauty is overwhelming. The Brutalism Collection represents the balance exhibited in the juxtaposition of the natural shades of copper from pink to green verdigris. It radiates Oneness.
Brutalism. This light-filled collection developed during the pandemic combines Brutalist architecture (a style emerged in the 1950s and grew out of the early-20th century modernist movement) with designer, Katey Brunini’s spiritual shift to liberation in honor of the power of now. Inspired by the works of Louis Kahn (the Salk Institute in Brunini’s beloved San Diego) and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Brunini designed a body of work stripped bare, with utter minimalism, and a higher consciousness. The result, a powerful ensemble of wearable art that evokes a harmonious utopia melded in sustainable materials.

Just as Brutalist buildings are characterized by minimalist constructions that showcase bare materials and structural elements over decorative design, Brunini has crafted a collection of jewelry that embodies a shift from totalitarianism to pure liberation, bursting with exceptional pieces worthy of a legacy of wear. The Brutalism collection by K. Brunini Jewels celebrates that from decay develops petite joys, like flowers growing in cracks of concrete.