Objects Organique
The Power of Limits
The Objects Organique Collection depicts symbols of each classical element, forged in 18K gold, sterling silver, colored diamonds, wood replacement opal, aquamarine crystal, exquisite bi-color tourmaline, and rare melo pearls. The rings are each one-of-a-kind creations
The Objects Organique Collection
Earth, Air, Fire, Water. These are the basic elements that we cannot live without. The ancient roots of all creation incarnate in the Elk Antler, the Butterfly, the Dragon, and the Nautilus.

Born of a love affair of the four elements, Objects Organique expands upon the organic roots of K. Brunini Jewels, integrating pure power into each piece. It is feminine, fiery, and not for the meek at heart. It is an invitation to connect with the elements and explore what represents you, through the beauty of fine jewelry.