Spider Web
The collection’s intricate webs are molded in gleaming sterling silver and 18k gold and adorned with rose-cut diamonds and South Sea pearls. K. Brunini weaves the Native American “dreamcatcher” into the arachnidian pattern.
The Spider Web Collection
For over 140 million years, spider webs have served as organic artwork…tangles of intricate patterns that evoke the beauty of creation. Symbols of intuition, spiders weave intersecting threads of destiny, linking the past, present and future to remind us that we are all unified in the face of nature. Everything is interconnected.

The inspiration for the K. Brunini Jewels Spider Web Collection was observed in a chance moment in the San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest, when the sun broke through the morning mist to illuminate a massive web. Roused by nature’s timely coincidence, K. Brunini created Spider Web to honor our ever-present connection to the earth, time and serendipity.