The Anatomy of Sharing
The Vertebrae Collection is crafted in vibrant 18K gold and sterling silver and embellished with diamonds, pearls and crystals for an alluring glow. Each intricate link is individually hinged to replicate the sinuousness of the snake.
The Vertebrae Collection
Snake worship has prevailed as one of the most ancient cults of human civilization throughout Syria, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Mexico and many African and Asian countries. In the mythological lore of these societies, snakes possess magical powers over gems and treasures.

Inspired by the core energy housed in both human and serpent vertebrae, shapes of the Yucatan, this collection reminds us to have back-bone. K. Brunini reunites these ornate offerings of the Mayans with the essence of the spirits they pay tribute to.

The K. Brunini Vertebrae Collection captures the supple energy of the serpent and sheathes it in the spine, the center of energy in the human body. It is metallic Kundalini.