December 4-7, 2014 ART BASEL Miami Beach, FL

Designer Katey Brunini Named ‘Artist in Residence’ for Art Basel Miami 2014 at The Betsy Hotel

New York, NY (October 28, 2014)  K.Brunini Jewels and The Betsy Hotel will join together to present a showcase of designer Katey Brunini’s Shapes of Strength for the 2014 Art Basel in Miami from December 2nd to 7th, 2014.  Brunini is highly acclaimed in the world of design for her fine jewelry and objects d’art that embody the power and grace of nature. Melded with precious metals of platinum, gold and silver, Brunini mixes diamonds, pearls and an arsenal of rare gems with wood, bone and antler to create a raw and refined harmony in her work.

Appointed as the Artist in Residence at The Betsy during Art Basel, Katey Brunini will showcase her award-winning designs in the lobby gallery. Notable debuts will include her ‘Robot Heart’, which features a 1,300+ carat opal that beats (powered by LED technology) surrounded by orange diamonds, Objects Organique necklaces with goat horn, an Orchid brooch of carved bone encrusted with green diamonds and Spirit Animals made of sculpted jet with rubies and diamonds.

Other highlights taking place The Betsy during Art Basel Miami will be:

Creativity Takes Courage – Matisse; GAYFACE – Revisiting the Celebrate ORGULLO photography exhibition by Ashley Kolodner reprised for Art Basel in concert with Unity Coalition; Museum of Art and Design New York- will host two salons on their new show that opens in November hosted by their curator Lowery Stokes Syms.

Katey Brunini and her team take pride in making jewelry worn and cherished by generations of unique individuals. Brunini’s creations adorn celebrities, collectors and world leaders. Her designs can be found in fine retail jewelry stores and museums from coast to coast.

The Betsy Hotel is located at 1440 Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, FL. The exhibit will be open daily beginning Tuesday afternoon, December 2nd until Sunday, December 7th.





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