K. Brunini Jewels to be featured in Jewelry’s Shining Stars Book

July 25, 2013

We are excited to announce the release of the new book “Jewelry’s Shining Stars” by Beth Bernstein! Our very own Katey Brunini and her K. Brunini Jewels creations will be featured by Beth. You can now pre-order the product on Amazon!

“Jewelry’s Shining Stars” is a celebration of a generation of independent designers/artists who are crossing the boundaries of art, function and wearability to form a distinctive imprint on contemporary jewelry. They are the new influencers that shine brightly and are evolving with time and perseverance and are bringing out the collector in today’s woman.

Beth Bernstein—historian, writer and connoisseur of precious jewels—offers an informative, vivid and lively insider’s peek into the imaginations, sensibilities and personalities of 38 designers who are shaping jewelry’s future.

The jewelry displayed is meant to be worn and treasured by women who understand and relate to the hearts, souls and boundless imagination of these individual artists—all of whom are carving out an enduring role in jewelry’s timeline and have earned their place in this art form’s rich history.


Pre-Order the product Here

For more info on the book, visit www.finepointsnyc.comk-brunin-jewels-jewelry-shining-stars

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