K. Brunini Jewels

249 S Highway 101, Ste 466, Solana Beach, CA 92075

K. Brunini Jewels can be found in stores and boutiques around the globe. For location nearest you, contact melissa@kbrunini.com


Katey Brunini, Artist
Katey’s talents have long been recognized across the industry, and in 2011, Katey received the prestigious Women’s Jewelry Association Award of Excellence in Design, as well as the American Gem Trade Association’s Editors’ Choice Spectrum Award… read full biography
Melissa Barbano, Director of Operations
Brooks Bryant
Julia Gomelsky
Lori Bond, Sales Training Ambassador
Matt Brunini, Branding and Online

Photo Credits

Visko Hatfield, J. Stephen Hicks, Peter Hurst, Chris Trayer, Peden+Munk, Alessandra Solari, Geoffrey Ragatz, Gretchen Bayer, Wade Clar, Julia Gomelsky