Lux Art Institute Presents “Cornuti” Featuring a Multi-Artist Sensory Celebration

Lux Art Institute announces its first multisensory artist celebration “Cornuti”, on September 22, 2010 in Encinitas, CA. This event will entice art lovers and collectors to experience the symbolism, sights and sounds of four talented and critically acclaimed artists. Featured talent includes: Katey Brunini (jewelry design), Timothy Horn (sculpture), Lady Germany (dance) and Marc Robillard (music).

Katey Brunini, the artist behind K. Brunini Jewels, explores the use of horns throughout history, mythology and symbolism in her new fine jewelry collection. Not only are the pieces expressive of the material (water buffalo horn, cow and goat horn, fossilized walrus tusk, and deer antler) she explores the role of the “cornuto” as a symbol of sexuality, superstition, and fertility in ancient and modern culture. The creations are both exotic and organic in their genetic make-up and craftsmanship.

With an equal fondness for using unusual materials – such as blown-glass, rubber, and rock sugar – Australian-born sculptor Timothy Horn is known for creating large-scale sculptures that challenge viewers to find the meeting point between the natural and constructed worlds. Inspired by decorative arts and engravings from European baroque and rococo periods, Horn’s work conveys fantasy and ornament but is underpinned by craftsmanship and concept. From September 9 to October 9, Horn will be living at Lux as he constructs a sculpture of nickel-plated bronze and blown glass for his “Tree of Heaven” series. Visitors can “see art happen” while he is in studio and view his exhibit, featuring numerous examples of large-scale, multi-media sculptures. Lady Germany, a fire performer from Portland, Oregon, touches and tastes fire lighting up the stage in dance. She is Portland’s favorite performer with two national television appearances and the current title of Burlesque Entertainer of the Year. With formal training in multiple styles of dance, she incorporates the body movements of a serpent, grace of an angel and the mind of a true performer and choreographer.

To fulfill the sounds of the evening, Los Angeles-based singer songwriter Marc Robillard will perform. His songs fuse together meaningful and honest lyrics with understated and heartfelt melodies to create his own unique blend of sonic artistry. With his raspy voice and textured pieces, Robillard is known to have the ability to connect with audiences on a personal level. He recently earned national recognition for his song “So Much More”, which was featured in a major green campaign.
Hosts for the evening are Katey Brunini and Reesey Shaw, former Director and Vice President of Visual Arts at the California Center for the Arts Museum. Shaw founded the Lux Art Institute in 1998. Lux is an innovative art institution whose mission is to educate, inspire and transform viewers through visual art. The institute also presents artists with the opportunity to create work on site. For more information on the event, contact Studio PR (212) 696-1321.

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